Our Mission

We are the YES company.

We build quality new homes with an excellent service and market competitive prices that solve all our customer needs.

Meet the Team

Cintya Alamo

Chief Executive Officer
The problem solver. She is the one who oversees all your home-buying process in order to be hassle free.

Michael Pavon

Chief Operations Officer
The mastermind always looking to innovate methods to keep the company moving forward.

Pablo Rodriguez

Sales Manager
He will do whatever it takes to find your dream home.

Sauriz Rodriguez

Purchasing Manager
In charge of all purchase orders, she will be sure to deliver on time.

Our Story

In the spring of 2004 Michael brought his wife, Cindy, to Mcallen. He wanted her to know the city because couple years before, he fell in love with it (the city).

In 2005 they decided to move to McAllen starting a residential painting company and which eventually evolved to be a multifamily and commercial construction business.

Soon enough the couple decided to buy a new home. The buying experience and the quality on the home was so bad that they saw a huge business opportunity: "To build quality new homes with an excellent service". "I found on Internet a quote that marked me and my business forever:

"As a builder you are only as good as the sub-contractors you use. I totally believe in this, i don't build your home with my bare hands, but if you have a great team, great things happen. I even have made a picture frame with the quote and put it at my office to remind me every day"
- commented Mr. Pavon. Finally,

After building their strong foundations, in 2010 Camino Real Builders was born. Since then, the company has been constantly evolving and looking to deliver that "extra mile" that makes Camino Real  Builders the best option when you are looking for a New Home. In 2019 Camino decided to expand to San Antonio Area and been growing as builders in La Vernia, Floresville, Lytle and New Braunfels since then. Some of their policies are:

1) To be the "Yes company". If the customer wants something or dreams it Camino Real Builders can do it. We are not like most folks out there, we understand that your family has unique dreams and desires, and we do our best to fulfill them.

2) Most advanced software for the customers (and us) to use. "Our Clients and Technology are two top topics for us, so we are always looking ways to merge them. That is how we got our on-line customer software. Our clients can follow up their project on-line almost on real time basis. Means that if they can't be physically there they still can see all the process, fill documents, look their project info, and even share their pictures with family and friends" -commented Cintya Pavon.

3) Lowe's partnership. Get the best material quality possible, the quality difference between wholesale material and retail sale material is enormous. That is why we decided to partner with Lowe's and offer to our customers the highest quality out there. From the lumber to the house appliances you can see Lowe's signature all around.

Those are just some examples of why Camino Real Builders is and will be your best option. "Com'on Guys, LETS BUILD YOUR DREAM HOME!

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